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New Songs and Music Cues - Submission Information

Here is where artists can find out how to submit songs or music cues for consideration.

We offer an industry standard 50 / 50 split deal.
We have exclusive sub-publishing in 30 foreign territories induding:

Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Greece, South Korea, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria,
Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,
United Kingdom, Argentina, South Africa, Italy, Chile, France, Russia, Ukraine, and Finland.

We would not own your "songwriter" share. You collect your songwriter broadcast royalties directly from your P.R.O. ("Performing Rights Organization" - such as ASCAP or BMI). For more information on registering as a Songwriter with a Performing Rights Organization please visit the BMI and ASCAP websites. You may register with only 1. If you do not live in the United States you may register with a Performing Rights Organization in your own country. Before we can send you a contract, you must provide us with your CAE / IPI number from your Performing Rights Organization.



Question and Answers
- Please read this entire section before submitting music to us.

Q. What is the first step in getting songs signed with Film and TV Music Library?
A. Mail in your songs on an audio-CD for consideration. If we feel your songs are marketable as background music for films and TV shows, then you will need to provide your CAE / IPI number from your Performing Rights Organization. Your CAE / IPI number is not your "member number". Before we can send you a contract, you must provide us with your CAE / IPI number from your Performing Rights Organization.

Q. Do you automatically own any of my other songs not listed on the contract?
A. No, we would not own any publishing percentage of any of your other songs or music cues, and you would be completely free to write new songs and music cues for any other publishers. Our contract is on a "per-song" basis, and is not an "artist contract", so you are completely free to do whatever you like with any of your other songs not listed on the contract.

Film and TV Music Library recommends the awesome "EUPHORIA" plug-in from Universal Sampling

Q. If I have already registered my publishing with BMI how do I change the registration?
A. We will register your songs under another song title. (same song, different title). This is called a "Re-Title" deal, and is non-exclusive as far as the underlying composition. We would only have "exclusive" right to the "Re-Title" song names listed on the contract and that we register with BMI or ASCAP. The Re-Titled songs will be assigned a specific "Work Number" by BMI or ASCAP.

Alternately, if you are signing an "Exclusive" song-deal with us, and if you have already registered your songs, then you will need to contact your Performing Rights Organization to change your publishing registration. To change your current publishing registration you just need to write a letter to BMI or ASCAP (or your Performing Rights Organization). Anyone currently listed to receive publishing percentages must also sign your letter in agreement to the changes. It may take several months for them to update your changes.

Q. Are there any guarantees that songs will get licensed?
A. We will make every effort to license your songs since that's the only way we could possibly make any money. But no Music Library or Publisher can guarantee your songs will get licensed, since it's up to the Music Supervisor of a film to decide if your song fits with any scenes. Also, the Director of the film or TV show has the final say if they like your song or not. So we have no control over whether or not a production company chooses to license your songs.

Q. How does Film and TV Music Library report to an artist when a song gets licensed?
A. We will send you an email notifying you that your song was chosen by a Music Supervisor.

Q. Can I still sell my own CDs or downloads on ITUNES?
A. Yes, you can continue selling your own CDs and downloads on ITUNES, but you can not grant "exclusive" licensing rights to any online licensing agents or 3rd party licensing agents the specific song (or songs) listed on the contract you sign with us.

What are Mechanical Rights?
A mechanical right is the right to record and distribute (without visual images) a song on a phonorecord for private use. Mechanical rights or a mechanical license must be obtained in order to lawfully make and distribute records, CD's and tapes. Recording rights for most music publishers can be obtained from:

The Harry Fox Agency
205 East 42nd Street
New York, New York 10017

Q. Who collects the synch and master fees?
A. We are administering all synch and master fees and we collect those fees from the production companies, licensing agents, or any exclusive sub-publishers we deal with. We will send the artist a check for 50 percent of the amount we collect.

Q. What are Synchronization or "Synch" Rights?
A. Synchronization or "synch" rights involves the use of a recording of musical work in audio-visual form, for example as part of a motion picture, television program, commercial announcement, music video or other videotape. Often, the music is "synchronized" or recorded in timed relation with the visual images. Synchronization rights are licensed by the music publisher to the producer of the movie or program.

Q. What is a Music Publisher?
A. A music publisher works with songwriters to market and promote songs, resulting in exposure of songs to the public and generating income. Music publishers "pitch" songs to record labels, movie and television producers and others who use music, then license the right to use the song and collect fees for the usage. Those fees are then split with the songwriter.

Q. Is Film and TV Music Library a music talent agency?


Q. What is a music talent agency?
Music talent agencies book live performances. Film and TV Music Library has nothing to do with live performances or touring.

Q. What is the address for submitting songs or music cues for consideration?
A. Here is our mailing address. Please do not email us MP3s.
We currently only accept audio CDs or CD-Rs through the mail for consideration.

Film and TV Music Library
P. O. Box 1247
Redondo Beach, CA 90278